Heated Gear

Riding in the cold can be uncomfortable at Best or downright dangerous. hypothermia sets in very quick. at speed on the highway you can expect to lose about 20 degrees from the ambient temperature to give you the wind chill.

Here are a few vendors that carry heated clothing.

Admittedly I have too much gear. I have heated liners from nearly all the manufacturers. It’s hard to tell you which is my favorite. My venture heat gloves work amazingly well. My warm and safe liner is generally good, with even heat. However I also really like my venture heat and old Gerbing gear. But be careful with your heated gear.¬†I burned myself¬†on a trip, more than once, because I was so cold and turned the heat up so high (These were from my Gerbing jacket).

I’ll let you know what I grab this year on my way out the door.

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