Ready for your first bike

So you’re looking for a first bike, well here’s some things that I recommend. 

  1. Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. (MSF) It’s approximately $350 for a weekend course and you can get your license. First make sure to get your permit from DMV. 
  2. Insurance: I’ve had good luck with Progressive, but Rider’s Insurance in NJ isn’t bad. I don’t like Geico, but ymmv (You mileage may vary). 
  3. Gear

Some gear vendors: – There’s one in Edison. – located in Philly. 

Rain: You have about 70% of the stopping and cornering power you do when it’s dry. Leave extra space and if you go through deep water, dry out your brakes.Tar snakes are the cause of a lot of accidents, they’re slippery when wet. Leaves, sand, gravel and the yellow line are also cause for concern. If it’s raining, put medical Nitrile gloves on over your gloves. Get a large size than you usually wear.
If you have rain gloves, tuck them inside the sleeve so that rain doesn’t drip down into them. 

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